Easter waste reduction, recycling and reusing

Easter Recycling in Nottinghamshire - it's in the box

Over the years chocolate egg packaging has been a hot topic due to the high proportion that couldn’t be recycled. This is slowly changing with major retailers promising to reduce their packaging which is eggcellent. We are asking everyone to pick their Easter treats with the recycling bin in mind and recycle as much as possible over the bank holiday, starting with cardboard Easter egg boxes. 

Around 80 million Easter eggs are eaten in the UK each year which generates around 4,500 tons of Easter egg packaging. A study by Which? revealed that packaging alone accounts for up to a quarter of the total weight of the most popular Easter eggs on sale on the High Street so i’s important to pick sustainably and recycle wherever possible. 

Easter recyclables in Nottinghamshire

Cardboard Easter egg boxes are recyclable, flatten them before putting them in the recycling bin to save space
Most Easter eggs are wrapped in foil, which CAN'T be put in the kerbside recycling bin, but can be taken to bring sites at larger supermarkets 
If your Easter treat does contain plastic packaging remove this and put it in your general waste bin before recycling your cardboard box.
Flowers are a beautiful gift, if your cut stems are wilting give them a second life by adding them to your home compost bin
If sending Easter cards make sure they are not glittered so they can be recycled
If you’re posting gifts, try to reuse packaging boxes and wrap with brown paper. 
Shredded paper can’t go in the recycling bin but can be used in parcels to help protect gifts (like chocolate eggs).


Be a Waste Warrior

Spending time in and around your home, we have a range of family friendly activities to try. 
Full range of Waste Warrior activities can be found here

Waste Warrior Scavenger Hunt for Infants
Waste Warriors Scavenger Hunt for Juniors
Waste Warriors Scavenger Hunt for Seniors


Waste Warriors Scavenger Hunt list of meanings

Make Toast Not Waste #MakeToastNotWaste

Seasonal celebrations often include an increase in food purchasing, and then ultimately food wastage, but for the humble loaf all is not lost. Toast can be more than a buttery breakfast choice! The average person in the UK throws out more than half of a loaf of bread every month because it’s not used in time. 

Top tips to: Make Toast Not Waste

  • Bread can be kept for longer by putting it in the freezer and be used straight from frozen, it will still have the same delicious taste.
  • Get creative with your loaf, experiment with the tasty, convenient and affordable toppings and ideas such as Bunny shaped Toast.
  • Turn those crusts and stale slices into bread and butter pudding.
  • Eggstra, Eggstra - Don't forget to dip and dunk - Eggs being the symbol of Easter they should not be left out. They come in recyclable cardboard packaging, their shells can go into home compost bin, and their toasty soldiers help reduce bread waste.
  • It’s dough joke – one million slices of bread go in the bin EVERY HOUR.

Sunday lunch to Monday

If you’ve got weekend leftovers, rustle up a ‘Roast on toast’ by simply adding shredded beef and veggies of your choice to melt Monday Blues.

Kick-start your weekend with a sweet breakfast treat

In need of a sweet treat? Slice apple thinly onto your toast, then add syrup and cinnamon, grill to create a wholesome dessert.


Need a high-protein post-gym snack and think toast can’t give it to you?

Think again. Toast is a filling and wholesome snack to eat following a work out. Try spreading on a thick layer of hummus and adding grated veg and seeds for an added protein hit.


Cleansing the weekend away?

Toast can be incorporated into your detox. Toast brown bread, then add sliced cucumber, radish, cress and seeds for a healthy way to enjoy bread.


A toast of Italy!

Pizza toast makes an easy and tasty dinner option. Spread your toast with tomato paste, then add your favourite toppings, such as salami and cheese, before grilling.


Bored of your brunch? 

Looking for a new breakfast to keep the whole family happy? Create a ‘Full English Toast’ by layering sliced sausage, a fried egg, tomato sauce and extra toast soldiers to dip in the runny yolk.


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