Nottinghamshire Recycles

Raising waste and recycling awareness across the county of Nottinghamshire

We are all responsible for managing waste. It is vital that everyone in the community gets involved to take action against the growing waste problem. Veolia Nottinghamshire works with communities across Nottinghamshire to raise awareness about waste and recycling in the County.

Find out more about the activities and projects we are involved in here:

Compost produced at home benefits your garden, adding nutrients, improving soil structure, maintaining moisture levels and keeping your soil's pH balance in check.
There are so many items in your day to day waste that can be recycled and made into something new. Just by putting cereal boxes, cans, paper and plastic bottles into your recycling bin we can make sure that less waste goes to landfill and more materials are made into something new.
Sign up to the Nottinghamshire County Council Waste and Recycling emailme bulletin to receive a monthly email full of recycling tips and competitions
Community RePaint Nottinghamshire at Beeston, Calverton, Newark and Warsop Recycling Centres. enables reusable leftover paint to be re-distributed for FREE to Nottinghamshire residents and groups.
We cannot stop waste production entirely, but everyone can make a significant contribution. Think before you bin!
Currently in the UK about eight million disposable nappies are thrown away each day, which accounts for about three percent of our household waste. Using real nappies can dramatically reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill and minimise our impact on the environment.
Cooking oil can be recycled at all of Nottinghamshire’s Recycling Centres.
Where does your waste and recycling go? Find out more here!
Every year in the UK we throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food. Learn how to reduce your food waste