Nottinghamshire - Cooking Oil Recycling


Cooking oil from households can be recycled at each of Nottinghamshire's 12 Recycling Centres

Recycled cooking oil can be turned into green electricity. When recycled, used cooking oil becomes a valuable resource. Not only does used cooking oil create power, it also helps to reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels. Disposal of used cooking oil harmful for the environment, it also costs you money.

Each litre of used cooking oil tipped down the drain costs you 14 pence through water utility bills

Used cooking oil is collected from the Nottinghamshire sites by Lifecycle Oils. They turn this used oil into a clean, green sustainable bioliquid called LF100. This bioliquid is then used to power festivals or help to support our National Grid at times of unexpected power demand.

Just one litre of used cooking oil can create enough ‘green’ energy to make 240 cups of tea whilst one full recycling centre tank provides enough to power a home for an entire year! 

No commercial or trade waste is accepted at the Recycling Centres, please contact us for further information about commercial recycling and waste disposal.

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If you’re not already recycling, find out more about how easy it is and how you can really make a difference.
We cannot stop waste production entirely, but everyone can make a significant contribution. Think before you bin!
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