Nottinghamshire - Health and Safety


How we encourage a Health & Safety culture in Nottinghamshire

At Veolia we treat the Health & Safety of all our staff as the number one priority. In this most hazardous of industries we know it is vital that our procedures are of the highest possible standards to minimise and, where possible, obliterate risk.

Of course accidents do happen, but we strive to ensure all our staff are presented with the best possible advice and training techniques, from manual handling best practice, to getting in and out of vehicles correctly, to working in the streets in and around traffic and pedestrians.

However, our customers and the residents we serve can play their part too by following these simple guidelines:

  • Ask for help if unsure as to where items go when visiting a Recycing Centre – please note that Recycling Centre staff cannot remove items from your vehicle.
  • Don't overload bags or boxes when visiting
  • Wrap broken glass and sharp objects in paper or bags
  • Use a dedicated disposal service for discarded syringes and other clinical waste

In Nottinghamshire, we are pioneering several initiatives to help work towards our common goals of zero accidents and ensuring everybody leaves work at the end of each day in the same health as when they arrived.

For a full guide to what can & cannot be put in your recycling bin please see the Bin Smart information.