What to expect when you visit the MRF

The educational sessions on offer at the Veolia Nottinghamshire Materials Recovery Facility

Throughout the school year we welcome groups of students (age 7+) to the Materials Recovery Facility and offer educational sessions with our Recycling and Education Officer. Visits are interactive and we encourage the students to actively participate throughout their time with us.

Our sessions take place in our on site education room and include a tour into the Materials Recovery Facility along a visitor walkway*.

For most school visits we would recommend allowing 2 - 2.5 hours.

Typical Timings:

  • Arrival on site


Entrance to the MRF Visitor Centre



  • Welcome & Safety Briefing   (15 minutes)
  • What is a MRF & why recycling is important (45 minutes)





Meeting Room at the MRF
  • Activity 1: Group 1 - Site tour; Group 2 - Recycling activities in education room (30 minutes)
  • Activity 2: Group 1 - Recycling activities in education room; Group 2 - Site tour (30 minutes)







Tipping Hall inside the MRF
  • Recycling Quiz (30 minutes)
  • Finish & goodbye








These times are only a guide and may be changed according to group numbers and start time.


*We always endeavour to offer a facility tour to all groups of visitors. The Materials Recovery Facility is an operational site so on rare occasions if we are unable to take a facility tour we may be required to alter the education activities offered. This would always be communicated as soon as possible with the group leader/s.