Nottinghamshire Recycles this Christmas

Download the Recycling Checker this season and recycle right.

Have an environmentally conscious Nottinghamshire Christmas

Nottinghamshire residents are expected to produce 30% more waste this festive season, than at any other time of the year. 

In order to improve recycling across Nottinghamshire why not download the MyNotts app and use the Recycling Checker. You can enter your postcode into the app, along with the item that you want to recycle and it tells you either which bin to put it in or if you need to take it to one of the 12 Recycling Centres across the county. 

The Recycling Checker allows users to search over 13,000 items including seasonal products like squirty cream canisters, tin foil and beer cans to help you understand if they can be recycled or if they need to be disposed of.

Recycling right is just a tap away. Download the My Notts App here:

Reduce - Festive waste reduction

After the big day meal is over, remember to check out how best to use up those leftovers. 

One traditional choice for a festive desert is Christmas pudding - but what happens to the leftovers of that fruity pud if the chocolates from a stocking have caught the eye of your dinner table guests instead.  We have got you covered with a range of festive food waste reduction recipes available to download and save.

There are lots of ways to reduce waste at Christmas, by e-gifting, portion planning and buy a gift which can be used for years to come.

Why not consider a real Christmas tree from a sustainable source. Keep it watered and if it’s a potted tree encourage it to be replanted after use, and all real Christmas trees can go to the Nottinghamshire Recycling Centres


Reuse - Festive waste reuse

Making your own cards and reusing cards from previous years for gift tags has been an easy eco win for a few years, but it’s still a good one to try. Packing your christmas cards with your decorations ensure you’re prepared for the year ahead.

How about trying a kitchen table talent, baking, making, repairing, mending, or upcycling.

Common items which can't be recycled at the kerbside can easily be reused, sweet tins and tubs are a great example. 

Recycling - Festive waste recycling

As well as helping reduce waste across our County, any gift where you’ve really put in thought and time is always sure to affect a smile. Help the waste and recycling teams across Nottinghamshire smile too and ensure that only tins, cans, aerosols, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs go into your recycling bin. 

Don't get on the naughty list by putting these things in your recycling bin.
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Some of the items commonly missed from the recycling bin over Christmas
Please don't put glass jars or bottles in your recycling bin
Compost produced at home benefits your garden, adding nutrients, improving soil structure, maintaining moisture levels and keeping your soil's pH balance in check.
Find out what can go into your kerbside recycling bin

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Have you ever wondered what happens next to transform your recyclables into a new item?
Compost produced at home benefits your garden, adding nutrients, improving soil structure, maintaining moisture levels and keeping your soil's pH balance in check.
Collection from your kerbside in Nottinghamshire is the responsibility of the local and District and Borough Councils, who deliver the waste to us as the waste contractor for Nottinghamshire County Council.