Recycle Week in Nottinghamshire

Recycle Week runs from the 21st to the 27th September 2020. Check out our special Recycle Week information packed with hints, tips, activities and competitions to help everyone in Nottinghamshire recycle correctly.

Recycle week - Together - We Recycle

Recycle Week runs from the 21st to the 27th September 2020.

Recycle Week is the largest national annual recycling campaign, delivered by Recycle Now.

Recycle Week runs from the 21st to the 27th September 2020. The focus for this year is to recognise the amazing work and sacrifices that key workers and residents have made to keep recycling going and create positive change in the world around us. Our recycling and waste key workers have heroically carried on collecting, sorting, and transporting waste and recyclables while the world slowed down around them.

Simple switches that can make big changes

Making environmentally conscious choices is now is now becoming a lot easier, here’s a few ideas to try at home:

Look at your cupboards:

Use up surplus ingredients to save them going to waste and take a look at refill shops to just buy what you need.

Check your fridge:

Check your dates and remember that lots of things can go in the freezer - Egg whites, cheese, bread, even cake!

Seasonal shopping:

Where possible buy fruits and vegetables that are in season, this can mean produce is sourced locally saving their road or airmiles.

Ditch the unwrap:

Consider the packaging and see if there are any alternatives with reduced or recyclable covering

Switch it up:

Think about what you could switch in your daily life to waste less and reuse or recycle more. Could you change orange juice cartons to bottles so they can go in your home recycling bin? Or change disposable nappies for reusable ones?


🍏 860,000 apples get thrown away every single day in the UK, this Apple and Blackcurrant fool recipe is a great way to use up the windfall apples that are dropping from the trees across Nottinghamshire. 🍎

(A windfall apple is an apple that has fallen from the tree, it’s a natural process where the tree drops excess fruit to allow the remaining fruit to ripen successfully, it also refers to fruit that has fallen due to high winds or heavy rain)

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The MRF is where recyclable materials that are collected from Nottinghamshire households are sorted and baled before they are sent to reprocessors to be used to make new products.
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