Suzanne Rawlinson Oh Sew Suzy - Reusing Textiles

Suzanne Rawlinson Oh Sew Suzy 

Reusing Textiles Case Study

Lets learn a little more about: Suzanne Rawlinson

What do you reuse / repurpose / recycle? 
Reuse - I just love to reuse textiles, particularly curtains, there is so much fabric in them. The curtains are great for tote bags, both for your shopping and for storage. Curtains are also greeat for garden furniture revamps (think handcrafted cushion covers, patio tablecloth, bunting or even parasols. If the curtain is big enough you could even have a matching set). Then you still have the lining and header tape left which are great for strengthening the tote bag handles.

Repurpose - Clothing is a favourite, it is so nice to transform a dated item by adding new trims to collars and pockets or even changing an item completely, making it loved again. Old ties are my absolute favourite, they are so versatile!

Recycle - Anything I can.

How would you describe what you do? 
I love experimenting with fabrics. There's nothing nicer than giving a garment another lease of life. I like to use preloved items and make them important in someone's life.

My favourite thing is showing people how they can repurpose and transform items that they can be proud to say they've made themselves. I don't know about you but I really don't like parting with beautiful or memory filled items.

How did you get into sewing? 

My mum bought me a little sewing machine when I was around 10 years old as I loved to help her dressmaking. 

When I started making my own clothing I would challenge myself with lots of tricky procedures. Then when the 80's arrived with all it's frilly collars and blousy sleeves the adventure really started.

I went to college and studied fashion and design and later unholstery and soft furnishings (again a very frilly time with Austrian blinds etc).

The next step was design and samples in industry where I learned patience, pattern cutting, professional finishes and passion! This passion is the bit I love to pass on, enthusiasm is amazing and it's so nice to enjoy what you are creating.

What tips do you have for other Nottinghamshire residents to help them reduce, reuse, repurpose or recycle? 

We have some great ideas and want to show you how to repurpose, reuse and recycle all types of fabrics.
I would encourage anyone who has a desire to learn to sew or who wants to rekindle their love of being creative  to look at our Reduce & Reuse videos to find some ideas to get you started, together with step by step instructions.

If you haven't got a sewing machine ask around, you'll be suprised who may have one hidden away in an attic.

Sewing and crafting is very therapeutic, it relieves stress, build confidence and there is a great community spirit in the sewing world.

If you enjoy the videos I can also offer follow up sessions for up to four or five people at my own workshop. A lovely way to craft with your family, friends or to make new friends and keep upcycling preloved textiles.

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