Nottinghamshire Love Your Leftovers Cookery Book

Nottinghamshire sustainable cook book created from residents recipes

To celebrate food waste reduction we asked Nottinghamshire residents to share their top tips for using up leftovers and their favourite recipes for making the most of seasonal ingredients to put together in a new cookbook.

The idea for ‘Nottinghamshire’s sustainable cookery book’ was born out of conversations during the autumn 2012 Love Food Hate Waste roadshows. After each demonstration that showed residents how to avoid wasting food, many people were keen to share their own good ideas.

Many of the recipes and hints & tips were first suggested by residents attending the various Love Food Hate Waste events throughout the county. The recipes will help Notts families cut down on food waste and save money each year by following the Love Food Hate Waste tips and advice.

The cookbook was such a big hit that a second version was released in 2016