Food Waste Action Week 2024

We supported Love Food Hate Waste’s Food Waste Action Week during 18th March - 24th March.

This year, we are encouraged you to, “Choose What You’ll Use” by buying your fruit and vegetables loose instead of packaged.

Research from Love Food Hate Waste has shown that we could reduce food waste by 60,000 tonnes just by buying loose fruit and veg!

Sometimes we are in the mood for a huge potato, and sometimes we just need one carrot for our spag bol. Why let the rest go to waste? Choose loose and you don’t have to!

Find out more about the campaign on Love Food Hate Waste’s website.

Reducing food waste in Nottinghamshire

We know that Nottinghamshire residents are passionate about reducing food waste and using up their leftovers. So much so, that a unique cookbook was created, made up entirely of recipes and tips provided by locals!

‘Nottinghamshire’s sustainable cookery book’ can help families cut down on food waste and save money each year.

The cookbook can be downloaded for free on the Love Your Leftovers page.

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