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Allsorts Preschool - Underwood

The Garden project

Who are you and what you do:

For over 40 years we have provided free or affordable childcare in a village setting based in the local community centre in Underwood. We provide care for any children between the ages of 2 and 5 years, providing them with the learning opportunities to develop to their individual full potential in a safe and happy environment, before progressing on to school.

Our aim is to help lay the foundations for learning.


We have used our £650 grant to support the set up of a garden and composting area for the children, parents and the local community to recycle & reuse everyday materials.

The fruit & vegetables that the children grow will be used for their daily snack. Any excess will be given to the children to take home & eat with their families, encouraging healthy eating. It will also be used in baking sessions at Preschool & in sensory play & exploring. Seeds & cuttings will be collected at the end of the season for use the following year & old plants added to the compost

What have you reduced, reused or recycled?

We will be producing compost to improve the children’s fruit & vegetable garden by recycling waste from the daily running of the Preschool including paper towels, cardboard & green waste from the daily snack. Asking parents to bring in additional green waste from home & encouraging other Community Centre users to recycle their waste. Use of a water butt to collect rain water to help watering the garden therefore reducing the amount of tap water being used.

To reuse other waste by repurposing in the garden for example using plastic drink bottles as plant holders & attaching them to the surrounding wire fence & using them as propagators when growing seeds by cutting them in half. Using other unwanted items as planters for example old children’s wellies, tyres as planters for herbs, building a cold frame out of unwanted wood.

The funding from the Reduce, Reuse Recycling Fund has enabled us to buy all the equipment the children need to grow their own fruits and vegetables, storage for the tools and a compost bin set up. The children have loved planting and caring for the seeds, and the best of all - picking and eating their own food!. They proudly bring in their fruit and vegetable peelings to add to the composter.
Philippa Tomczyk
Preschool supervisor

Tips for other Nottinghamshire groups and residents to help them reduce, reuse or recycle:

Children are never too young to be encouraged to recycle. Every small step helps to reduce waste. When you start to really think about waste, you look at everything you are about to throw away in a new light and consider what else it could be used for instead. 


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