Nottinghamshire - Kerbside Recycling

Recycling collections

Who is responsible for kerbside waste collection in Nottinghamshire?

Collection from your kerbside in Nottinghamshire is the responsibility of the local and district authorities, who deliver the waste to us for processing at one of our facilities.

If you have any questions about your kerbside collection service, we recommend that you contact your local council helpdesk first.

Questions about bin collections can be answered by your local council:

Ashfield District Council 
01623 450 000
[email protected]

Bassetlaw District Council 
01909 534 501
[email protected]

Broxtowe Borough Council 
0115 917 7777
[email protected]

Gedling Borough Council 
0115 901 362
[email protected]

Mansfield District Council 
01623 463 463
[email protected]

Newark and Sherwood District Council 
01636 650 000
[email protected]

Rushcliffe Borough Council 
0115 981 9911
[email protected]

Nottingham City

To find out your collection day or to request a recycling bin or for any further information on your kerbside recycling scheme, please also contact your local council.

We've got information here about recycling for the whole of Nottinghamshire's domestic households.

The materials that are collected from your home that should be put into your recyclables bin are:

  • All drinks cans, both steel and aluminium
  • Aerosol cans (but not those with 'hazardous' markings like a black and orange cross or skull & crossbones symbol). Make sure they are completely empty and remove the lids.
  • All plastic bottles, wash, squash and replace the lid.  Loose lids in your bin cannot be recycled.
  • All clean paper including newspapers, magazines, envelopes, junk mail, scrap paper, directories including Yellow Pages, brochures and catalogues (but no shredded paper please)
  • All food tins including pet food - rinsed out please!
  • All cardboard including cereal boxes and food packaging (please flatten or break up large boxes)

Even if your recycling container is full, extra recyclables are always welcome but please don’t put them out in black bin bags. Contact your local council to find out about collection arrangements.

Please note, glass is not currently accepted in your recycling bins. Your local borough/district council will provide other facilities for recycling glass

The following items cannot be recycled in your kerbside collection scheme:

  • Drinks cartons – Tetra Pak cartons are difficult to recycle because they are mixture of plastic and paper and there are limited facilities to process them in the UK
  • Polystyrene and cellophane
  • Shredded paper – in order to process such a large amount of material at our Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) we use a lot of automatic sorting equipment which recognises different types of material but not very small or shredded pieces
  • Plastic carrier bags – The MRFs sort out all the different materials so you don’t need to separate them in bags. Plastic bags can actually cause problems and prevent good materials from being recycled so please make sure your recycling is loose in your collection container
  • Aerosol cans with 'hazardous' markings - aerosols with an orange and black cross or skull & crossbones symbols should be disposed of in your non-recyclable waste container.

All these items should be placed in your non-recyclable household waste bin. 

Some items such as Tetra Paks (drinks cartons) can be recycled in special schemes – keep an eye out for them if you are keen to recycle these items.

The MRF is where recyclable materials that are collected are sorted and baled before they are sent to re-processors to be used again.
We cannot stop waste production entirely, but everyone can make a significant contribution. Think before you bin!