National Picnic Month in Nottinghamshire

Practical things you can do to reducing, reusing and recycle more while enjoying a picnic in Nottinghamshire

There’s something about the summer weather that makes us all smile and want to be outside, what better way to wind down after a busy day/week at work than to slip on your sandals, pack up your picnic basket and head to the outdoors for your dinner. 

To celebrate picnic season we're offering Notts residents the chance to win a reusable picnic set. We've lots of great tips and ideas for how you can use up leftovers for those picnic treats to ensure nothing goes to waste.


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How can you cut down your waste this summer


  • Many shops offer fruit and vegetables without any packaging, so if you can, choose the no packaging options, or take along your own containers to be filled. 
  • Instead of wrapping everything in tin foil or clingfilm before it goes in your picnic hamper, why not reuse a container, or have a look a some of the super reusable waste free ways to store food like beeswax wraps. 


  • Reuse empty bottles and jars, old jars of pesto can be used to keep homemade salad dressings or to store snacks for your lunch at work.
  • Fill and take your own drinks bottle or thermos with you on your adventure, lots of places in Nottinghamshire now offer refills for water bottles too.


  • If you don't see any recycling bins while you're out and about, please make sure you bring home your plastic bottles and cans so they don't go to waste.
  • Apple cores, banana skins, strawberry tops and orange peels can all go into your home composting bin to recycle them into compost. 


Picnic snacks are a great way to use up your leftovers, we've lots of tips and recipes here

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